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Conditions of Hire – The Wellington Academy (Sports & Fitness Centre)


  1. Responsibility for bookings

The named adult for the booking hereinafter referred to as the Hirer, shall be responsible for every booking of premises or other facilities.

  1. Application

Application for use of facilities shall primarily be done through School Hire (www.schoolhire.co.uk), applications can also be made for special bookings through booking forms being submitted to the Commercial Manager provided at least 21 days prior to the date on which their use is required. More notice may be required for functions. No premises or other facilities may be used unless and until, the Hirer is specifically authorized by Management either through email communication or via School Hire communications system. School Hire booking requests or Bookings Forms to include a signed copy of agreement to the Conditions of Hire, additionally a booking may also require a Certificate of insurance, safeguarding policy, DBS certificate and coaching qualifications if appropriate. Without these documents bookings will not be accepted.

  1. Safeguarding

The Hirer shall ensure any adult who has contact with under 18’s or vulnerable adults who participate in the agreed hire shall be vetted for competence, have an appropriate qualification relating to the activity and be checked for any criminal convictions or cautions (Disclosure and Barring Service checked).

  1. Use of other facilities or part of premises

The Hirer shall be responsible for ensuring that their clients do not without permission of management gain access to or make use of premises, facilities, or equipment other than those specified either on the booking form or within their School Hire booking request.

  1. Payment

All bookings require payment to be made before the commencement of the booking. If the booking is requested via School Hire, then payment must be completed through School Hire. Alternatively, if booking is made via booking form, then payment should be made as requested on the written confirmation.

All payments should be sent to the address on the confirmation or handed into reception.   In the absence of prior written agreement to the contrary, hire fees must be paid on receipt of the invoice, or before the day, or the first number of days of hire.

  1. Charges

Charges for the use of the facilities shall be as from time to time fixed by the Management.   Management reserves the right to vary charges without notice.

Prices may include VAT. Exemption may apply if full VAT exemption criterion is met. For more information on this please contact management to discuss further.

  1. Cancellation

The right to cancel use of the premises is reserved and if such a cancellation is made the Management shall not be liable for any loss incurred except in respect of the refund of the original hiring charge.   In the case of regular bookings, it may be necessary upon occasion for the Management to cancel a meeting or transfer it to another part of the premises in view of the requirements of another event occurring on the campus.   Cancellation will be kept to a minimum with maximum possible notice to be given to the hirer.

Charges are made for cancellation by the Hirer, in the following circumstances:

When costs are incurred by The Wellington Academy.

In the case of functions and events if an alternative booking cannot be found before the use is scheduled and after the cancellation is made.

In the case of advanced bookings/block bookings/affiliated groups the Hirer fails to give 14 days’ notice in writing or 48 hours if the booking is Sports & Fitness Centre related, 50% of booking fee will be charged.

If a facility is made unfit for use due to weather or condition, (management reserves the right to determine) the hirer will be informed by the Sport & Fitness Centre and their booking will be cancelled and funds will be refunded to the hirer, or a credit will be applied to the hirers account. If a hirer decides to terminate their booking without the sufficient notice period due to weather or condition, the hirer will be liable for the bookings fees as per the cancellation policy above.

The hirer of the premises should not interfere with the proper working of the school. The hirer acknowledges that it may not have exclusive use of the site and that on occasions (such as Exams or other special School related events), it may be necessary to cancel a booking due to the needs of the school.

  1. Structural Alterations

The Hirer shall not carry out nor permit to be carried out any alterations, additions or attachments to The Wellington Academy or to the fittings, equipment or decoration thereof without the prior written permission of the Management.

  1. Conduct and Control
  • The Management reserves the right at their absolute discretion to refuse the admission of or to evict any person from the premises.
  • The Management reserves the right to refuse any application for the hiring of the premises without being required to give any reason for such refusal.

The hirer is responsible for:

  • The administration, organisation, supervision and running of a particular event or booking.
  • The provision in the cases of trampolining, archery, judo, martial arts, gymnastics, fencing and boxing or any other sport or activity as specified by management of at least one qualified coach. Special agreements can be made with the Management where assistance is required.
  • Any supervision labour or attendance provided by The Wellington Academy must be paid for.
  • The maintenance of good order during the hiring and the supervision and control of all visitors, spectators and officials attached to the Hirer.
  • Leaving all premises including changing rooms, toilets and showers, in a tidy and orderly condition at the end of each period of hire.
  • Making sure that equipment used is returned to its correct storage place.
  • Making sure that if the hire is the last of the day, vacating the premises no later than 5 minutes after the period of hire expires.
  1. Alcohol & Soft Drinks

No drinks, other than water, may be brought onto the premises.

  1. Gambling

Playing for money or gambling on the premises is forbidden except on such occasions and for such purposes as may be authorised within the law by the Management.  Where such use is authorised, the Hirer shall be responsible for observing the provisions of the laws relating to gambling and obtaining a licence where necessary.

  1. Copyright

The Hirer shall be responsible for ensuring that no breach of any Copyright shall occur and shall pay any fee in respect of Copyright to the Owner of the Performing Rights Society Limited or the Photographic Performances Limited which may be necessary apart from such fee as may have already been paid by the Management.


  1. Catering

All catering arrangements must be made through the Management unless otherwise agreed.  No organisation may undertake its own catering in any form without prior written permission of the Management. All parties booking the classroom kitchen facilities must lodge a Food Hygiene Certificate with the Wellington Academy and take full responsibility that the classroom kitchen is left in a state fit for the Academy students to undertake a lesson. We will charge the hirer for the cost of extra cleaning needed to get the kitchen back our normal standards at the charge of £20 an hour if these standards are not adhered to.

  1. Injury to persons or property

The Hirer shall indemnify The Wellington Academy against all claims for damages, compensation and/or cost in respect of 1.  Bodily injury or illness to third parties, and/or 2. Damages to third party property caused or arising out of the Hirer’s use of the premises, except when claims for damages, compensation and/or costs are as a result of the negligence of The Wellington Academy.   The Hirer shall affect adequate insurance to cover this liability.

  1. Private Property

Whilst ensuring that premises are subject to general supervision the Management cannot accept responsibility for the private property of the Hirer or his clients brought onto the premises.

  1. Service of caretaker

The Wellington Academy will arrange for the deployment and payment of caretaking staff who are responsible for general supervision and will normally be on call.  The caretaking staff is not, except by special arrangement, able to be responsible for moving large amounts of furniture so the Hirer must arrange sufficient labour for this.  The caretaker will advise on siting of furniture etc.  Time used by hirers for setting up prior to functions is not normally charged for.

  1. Cleaning of Premises

Where, in the opinion of the Management, use of the premises for a specific purpose gives rise to an amount of cleaning greater than is reasonable, the user shall be asked to provide assistance in cleaning the premises or pay an additional charge for cleaning or both.

  1. Advertising

Advertising relating to functions should show the venue as “The Wellington Academy” or “The Wellington Academy Sports & Fitness Centre” and have the prior consent of the Management.

  1. Use of Car Park

Customers Park at their own risk.

  1. Privacy Notice

Please find the privacy notice on ALT Enterprise Ltd Website (www.altenterprise.org.uk) which gives information on we store and use your information.